What’s been the best equipment for 2016?

Ok, so the topic is not original, however, I’m always interested gear and those “ah-ha” moments.

For me 2016 has brought two defining moments for equipment additions. First, my Byron Morgan DH-89 and my first custom Byron, pictured in my avatar the DH-89 mini.  The mini is the custom order and fashioned as an exact duplicate of the full size DH-89. Both are game changers and perform better than any putter I have ever owned. Balance, feel, distance control and workmanship are incredible.

The second was the addition of a 7 wood as a way to bridge the gap between fairways and irons. Hybrids “Are not my bag, baby!” In my best Austin Powers impression the 7 is my rescue club as it works well from the tee, deck and medium rough!

Ok, now it’s your turn! What has made you go hmmmmmmm?

What do you think?

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