Tom Brady (age 39) vs. Tiger Woods (age 41)

“Tom Brady is 39, Tiger is 41. Kinda crazy that Brady’s held up better than Tiger, when Brady plays QB and Tiger plays golf. I love Tiger, but when I compare it like this, it just makes me sad…where did it all go wrong?!”

That was the question posed on the Golf Reddit page today following Tom Brady’s stamp on GOATdem by winning the Super Bowl in tremendous fashion.

Golfers are losing their minds on Reddit, but they’re all missing the point.

Tiger Woods doesn’t have refs to coddle him, rules literally written to keep him safe, and an offensive scheme that protects the longevity of his career.

I’m Tiger’s biggest hater, trust me, but this comparison is ridiculous.

Say what you want about golf not being a sport or whatever, but the game of golf is completely fair. Tiger can flash a wry smile at the golf hole when his golf ball takes a weird turn and lips out, but there’s no refs to complain to and bail him out on a light pass interference call or roughing the passer after a poor throw on 3rd & 7.

Golf completely exposes anyone who plays it with no regard, while football players wear numbers to differentiate who the refs need to protect.

Tiger has been torquing his back at 125 mph-plus for his entire life, has had 35 back surgeries, 10 knee surgeries, has fought the chipping yips, life yips and hasn’t hit a fairway since ’08. But I bet if all he had to do was hit 125-yard pitching wedges, throw a couple routes underneath the coverage and only give up one devastating pick-6, I bet he could win the Super Bowl MVP, too.

Think about it.

What do you think?

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