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Is Jordan Spieth better than Tiger in his prime? The numbers say “yes”

As you know, Jordan Spieth won by 4 strokes at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Less impressively, the last time Tiger Woods won at Pebble Beach was in the 2000 U.S. Open when he won by 15.

The reason I say it’s less impressive is because Spieth was 19-under and Tiger was only 12-under. So while Tiger beat his field by 15 strokes, which may be impressive to people who don’t understand strength of field, he actually just beat much worse competition.

Check this Tweet out from Mark Broadie that shows just how much worse Tiger’s competition was.

This just goes to show you how good Spieth is to beat fields that are so young and deep now — people forget how deep the fields are these days. It’s a shame golf announcers over look how deep the fields are now, but that’s probably why people don’t realize how impressive it is that Spieth beats such deep fields.

Look to this Tweet for further proof Spieth is better than Tiger.

Not only is he on pace to have more wins and majors than Tiger, but he’s doing it against better competition. And last time I checked, majors are more important than wins…. Tiger taught me that one.

Also, think about this: Spieth had to beat the likes of Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Bill Murray, Aaron Rodgers AND Justin Timberlake. Let me know when Tiger beats the greatest golfers, athletes, actors and musicians all at the same tournament. Way more pressure than Tiger ever had to deal with, IMO.

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