Colin Montgomerie is spot on: “I wouldn’t trade my career for Tiger’s”

Colin Montgomerie, statistically the best player to never win a major, says he wouldn’t trade golf careers with Tiger Woods if he could. Finally someone says what we’re all thinking!

Here’s what Colin Montgomerie said from the Golf Channel.

“I never won a major,” Montgomerie said ahead of the PGA Tour Champions Chubb Classic. “Tiger won 14. But would I trade my career for Tiger’s? No. I started out this game a pretty good golfer and finished in the Hall of Fame.

“I feel I have overachieved. So how could I say I wish it were better? People will say, ‘Well, he didn’t win a major.’ And, yes, I would have liked to shut them up by winning one. But that’s my only regret, really. Great that I have won senior majors, which has quieted the odd person.

“I’ve made mistakes. We all make mistakes. But I’ve had a long career. I don’t think Tiger will be out here at 53. He might say, ‘I don’t need the money.’ But it’s not just money. It’s self-esteem. Self-esteem is huge in life. You walk a wee bit taller, having done something well. I like this life. I like meeting new people. I like the travel. I love the life. Whether it’s for everybody, I can’t say.”


I mean, why would you want to win all the time when you could lose instead? Why would you want to pocket billions of dollars and trophies and green jackets and have the admiration and praise of contemporaries and the games all-time greats when you could simply travel the world and meet new people and maybe tee it up every now and then?

Montgomerie also makes a great point for all the kids out there… strive to be decent. Don’t be great or even really good or even win a major, just be a decent golfer.


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