Golf Opinions is Back

Posted Feb 07 2012


Ohh we are back alright. Here to give GO the respect it deserves.


I cant tell you how cool this is. We are blowing the dust off this joint. No more downtime (knock on wood) and time to bring GO back to the glory it deserves. Back in the late 90’s I found this place and it inspired me beyhond words can explain. This place was run my top of the class individuals and allways took the high road.

We had many fun days here. Every year Gary Meyes would allow photos and coverage of the PGA Show and we would droll over the early reports the coverage would give us.

JoshWhit, Joey3108, Speeder617, Pure745, Mitch2, Stage3150, golfware, KascoPro, MarkCPA, GolfAlot, snowdale, BR61, NYC4GOLF, thewhit and the list goes on. All awesome times that help me love the game so much more than I would without GO.

Remember.. JMHGO? or JMGO?


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