What is Golf Opinions?

What’s Your GolfOpinion? Because Every Golfer has One. This is the premise behind this new and upcoming golf portal site. This interactive website for golf enthusiasts features several discussion forums where thousands of registered members discuss golf-related issues covering a variety of topics from, from equipment to golf courses to lessons to the PGA Tour. If you want to talk golf, this is the place to go. Founded by a small group of avid golfers in 2000, this site has shown steady growth in its visitor base and its quality content. The site’s navigation is very easy with most sections available with a single click from a single toolbar. The discussion on this site can be lively at times especially in the equipment forum where you can post a question and typically get your answer and, more times that not, useful links and pictures to boot. Make sure and check out the “What’s in the Bag?” section that has pictures of the pros’ bags as well as site members sticks.

GolfOpinions “GO” ran into a few years of ownership changes and technical database issues that caused the site to struggle to work properly. In 2011 GolfWRX.com acquired GolfOpinions.com and is now managing the website. GolfWRX.com started in 2005 has become the worlds largest online golf community in a few short years. Their performance, industry reputation and integrity is a welcome addition to the GolfOpinions brand and look forward to a bright future ahead.

The goal for GO is not to try to takeover the golf world or be the next coke-a-cola. Our goal is the bring back the spirit an intent of the original founders. To have a place to voice your GolfOpinion. Pure and simple.

GO Team


Please consider joining and being part of a new beginning. Talk, share, learn and enjoy the game off the course. Clcik here to enter the forums… http://www.golfopinions.com/forums/


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