Site is back up new owners and in for the long haul

Well we are live and the site is running. Ryan and I (Richard) bought the sites from Doug and we took a few months to do software updates and a lot of repair work.

Ryan and I don’t have big plans for GO. Honestly we wanted to prop it up and buy it a brand new suit. To give GO the respect it deserves and make it live and run it in the same nature it was back in 2000.

GO is different and we want to allow GO to be that way. Ryan and I are the same owners of GolfWRX. I was a member here before GolfWRX was started. Many of the OG golf forum rats came from GO and out of respect we will treat GO with just that respect.

I have said this in another thread but it is important. GO inspired many of us and single handedly changed The game of golf online. Through the years of riveting conversations here many of us could never be the same. The inspiration I found here enriched my life and many others just the same.

We are here to stay for many years. We do not look to profit from the road we take with GO. We look to build the friendliest Golf Opinion website to allow members to meet fellow players and share the common passion we have Golf.

Richard, Ryan and all the GO Members that made it what it is.

What do you think?

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