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Congratulations Padraig

22 July 2007 - 05:08 PM

in true GO message board style I should mention that those 11 players that finished ahead of Tiger were really lucky. This was, as usual, Tigers tournament to win and he let them all in. This probably makes him the most generous, as well as the most talented, golfer that ever lived. Ok, sarcasm mode off, what a final round from Padraig, 3rd best of the last day, and full of some great moments. Hats off to Andres Romero as well, stellar performance and almost another one for Argentina, reckon he got a huge boost from Cabreras success. I also thought Ben Curtis showed that he wasn't just a flash in the pan either, really solid week from him. Lastly I have to feel for Sergio, really thought he'd cracked those putting woes but it wasn't to be.

Kaala Golf X2 Evolution

25 August 2006 - 03:40 AM

Folks, I'm considering buying one of these and wanted to know if anyone had this or similar and how they had fared with it? This is a new concept, to me, and is a hard shell bag with an internal rack for clubs on a carousel system. The carousel system is manually operated and each club is held seperately. The bag is pre kitted out as either a push/pull or electric trolley and also doubles as a travel bag. It also stores the clubs head down making the bag bottom, as opposed to top, heavy. http://www.kaalagolf.com/index.htm Would love to hear any feedback because I can feel the 'gadget golf gizmo' man inside me reaching for my wallet :D

How Are Your Pro-Ams Set Up?

05 June 2006 - 12:36 PM

Last Friday I played in a pro-am that had me questioning how they are set up and run and I just wanted to get some comparisons. I live, and play my golf, in the county of Hampshire in England. The Hampshire PGA runs a series of pro-ams through the year in the following format:- Teams of four consisting of 3 amateurs and one pro Scoring is in medal format with the pro's score fully recorded and the team score being the best 2 net scores per hole(pro's score included). All players play from the back tees. Handicap allowance is at 3/4 Prices range from $90-$180 per man So these are local pro's and their assistants that play and the whole format is really there to provide them with competition and some potential extra income. What got us thinking was, surprisingly, the good weather, this being the 4th time I had played this event but the first without rain. The course is high up and pretty exposed so wind is always a factor but we had all been looking forward to a dry round. Not anymore, the course had been lengthened, the pins were really tough and the greens were rock hard. Now I know it is the same for all of us but, when my pro can't stop a sand wedge what chance do us amateurs have? Oh, and the rough, think Carnoustie and you wouldn't be wrong, the first cut was about three yards then it ranged from just above knee high to waist high.Nearly all the pro's were over par and 25% of then failed to break 80. We came off the course demoralised, glad to finish and wondering whether we would bother again. This is for something where I have taken a day off work and spent money to supposedly take part in my hobby. So the questions we were asking were:- should we play off the same tees? should we lose 25% of our shots? should the course be set up to protect par against the pro's or more favourably for the amateurs who make up 75% of the field and are paying for the event? as our handicaps are based on normally set up courses should we actually get more shots, in slope system style, rather than actually lose some? I'd be interested to hear your tales and opinions in relation to this.....thanks.....Al

Could Length Literally Kill Golfers?

07 April 2006 - 04:53 AM

Here, and elsewhere, I've read many threads on the distance issue and whether courses should be lengthened or toughened. However I've come across a new angle on the debate, or new to me, and wanted to get some reaction/opinion. I have always seen golf as a game of skill first and an athletic sport second(neither of which I possess enough of). There has always been a challenge between youth and strength v age and experience, but it does seem that the balance has swung too far in favour of sheer power. My concern with the idea of just continuously adding length is the longer term effect it could have. Golf will become more and more like other sports where injuries abound and performance drugs start to creep in. Many years ago I watched a documentary on American Football and was horrified by the injuries sustained. It seemed that only the lucky even got through college without multiple operations. The longer term effects were even more devasting with the onset of crippling arthritis at early ages. We all know what the driven will put their bodies through for success but the young just don't listen, or maybe really believe. I have visions of promising golfers crippled, and old before their time, in their 20's. It is not a big leap from now to a golf where supreme talent is supplanted by the super fit, athletic, robotic, mediocrity. Before anyone says it, I know Tiger is both, but you don't get many like him and he has already been under the knife.

SAD - is it real and how serious is it?

10 January 2006 - 11:31 AM

Noticed some discussion on the jokey global warming thread about SAD and how the lack of daylight in Winter effects people. I was curious as to what and how people feel about this subject. I can definitely say that, here in the UK, my heart always sinks when the clocks go back at the end of October. The shortest days don't normally seem to bad as they are around the Xmas period and I am so busy, family, year end etc, that they seem to fly by. But then January always seems to be the longest month of the year to me. In previous years I have gone to Spain, first week of February, for golf. This year we're not going until the midle of March. This has made January seem even longer than usual and, the short, February looms like a mountain of time. My other issue is with the clock changes, there seems to be no valid reason for doing so. In actual fact I have read articles that advocate doing almost the opposite. So we leave the clocks on Summer time in Winter but then alter them agressively the other way in Summer. In the London region the longest day, coming in June, has sunrise at 0444 and sunset at 2122 hrs. Most people I know would rather maximise the daylight at the end of the day rather than early. A lot of us actually sleep through a significant proportion of daylight in the Summer months. If we made the change then there would be many more evenings when us golfers could fit in a full 18 holes! Sorry also wanted to add that I hadn't heard of these Sunrise alarm clocks and will probably be looking into them now.