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British Open coverage

18 July 2013 - 07:38 AM

Is it just me or is this commercial overload this year?   I got up at 5:30 am to watch some coverage before going to work and I feel like I watched as many commercials as I saw golf shots.  

I always seem to find a way to appreciate more and more what The Masters is and the way it is presented, especially the CBS coverage with limited commercial interruptions.

Harrington predicts banning of long putter

25 July 2012 - 07:38 AM


Interesting comment by the multiple major champion.

I've gone to the dark side - Ping!

29 June 2012 - 09:36 AM

I have never, ever been a Ping guy.    Outside of a brief affair with S59 irons many year ago, by and large I have not cared much for Ping products.    The clubs are too light.    There's too much offset in the irons I would even think of trying.    The irons are short in length.  Just generally ugly looking stuff was always my train of thought.

Having too much time on my hands one spring morning earlier this year, I got on a launch monitor and got fitted for a G20 driver and fairway wood just for kicks and giggles.    This marked my 2nd time on a monitor with Ping products being the focus of the fitting. Some of you may recall the big story this site put up about Snowdale and I getting fitted on a Ping n-Flight system two years ago near Houston, TX.  

While I've never been able to get a Ping 3 wood to cooperate well enough to keep in the bag including tries with the i15 and G20 models, I've never driven the ball more consistently than I am with my G20 driver.    It's just stupid easy to hit and is as long as anything I've ever played with.    Frankly, the G20 has me wondering about the frenzy waive of adjustable drivers we are currently experiencing because I've owned both the current Taylor Made and Titleist drivers and neither comes close to the performance of the G20 for me.     Since I've had such success with the driver, I've taken a fresh look at their wedges and irons again.    I've bought a set of i15 irons and Tour S wedges hoping to find some similar success I'm getting with my driver:

i15 irons, 3 - PW, DG S-300 shafts, blue dot, 1/4" long
50*, 54*, and 58* Tour S wedges, black dot, DG S-300 shafts

One round and one good range session has me optomistic and changing my thoughts about Ping stuff. The wedges are terrific.    Unlike my prior imperssions, these wedges have a nice weight to them with the 54 and 58 coming in at D4 on the scale.   I can feel the head throughout the swing.    They are beautiful at address and inspire a lot of confidence - very easy on the eye. This is my first go with the new USGA compliant grooves as well.    I really couldn't tell any difference in the new grooves vs. the old grooves. The wedges produce a very nice ball flight making stopping the ball a snap on full and three-quarter shots.

The i15 irons are bumping my Taylor Made irons out of the bag.    I'm only 5'7", but hate the look and feel of "short" irons.    Ping's standard length just doesn't win me over, so luckily for me I stumbled upon this 1/4" long set which sets the iron up to what I'm used to seeing. The i15 has a very generous cavity back making even the long irons quite forgiving.    I even carried the 3 iron of this set on the opening round and hit it a few times with great success - something that prior to these irons was 10 plus years in my rear view mirror.    Even with the DG S-300 shafts, the clubs are a tad lighter than what I have normally played, but not so much to make the irons feel too light and loose. Obviously, given the results I'm seeing with the 3 and 4 iron, I'm generating a little bit more clubhead speed. My short irons I'm hitting nice and high, something this normally low ball hitter is really enjoying.

I'll chime back in after another round or two with some more thoughts.   I'd really like shim open a G20 three wood and try that again.    That shut face just drives me crazy and I don't need the help turning the ball over.

My turd of a hybrid refuses to leave my bag!

18 June 2012 - 12:34 PM

It's old. It's a 2006 model. It's really ugly.   I'm talking dragged behind a car for several miles ugly. It's even steel shafted!   Talk about being ancient technology, right?

Oh, and I strike dead solid perfect every time. Go figure.   It refuses to go away! Much like the stray cat you feel sorry for and feed; congrats - you now own a cat.   Much like that cat, my six year old Mizuno CLK 20* steel shafted hybid is refusing to go quietly into the good night.

I bought this club at least 4 years ago out of a used bin. I've always liked it and never really meant to offend it by banashing it to my golf closet. The problem started flying home from a golf trip when the headcover somehow slipped off and the face of it got scratched up like someone took sandpaper to it for an hour. I've done all I could to it to make it presentable again, but it still looks awful. Being the neat freak I am, I just couldn't look at it anymore. So, into the golf closet it went knowing I couldn't sell it or get a nickel for it in a trade given the condition of the head and basically just left it there for two years.   After struggling to hit a very specific hard and long par 3 and needing to fill a gap with a hybrid, I recalled the club and put it back in the bag.   Eureka!   It hasn't left the bag since. It's probably the most consistent golf club I've ever hit and can call my shot with it. I'll bet I've owned at least 10 other hybrids since banishing the old CLK to the closet and none of them come close to what I can do with the old turd. Now the ugly duckling has become something of a badge of honor when people see it.

What's in your bag that you picked up as a K-mart blue light special or your wife used to weed the flower bed with that you just can't part with?

Pressel vs. Munoz - the slow play ruling

21 May 2012 - 10:00 AM

It doesn't matter what the sport is, but I always have a bad feeling when a non-participating official has a direct impact on the ultimate outcome of a game or tournament.    That's exactly what happened this past weekend when Pressel went from 3 up to 1 up with an official's ruling that she had violated the rules of golf via slow play.   Sure, Morgan knew the pairing was on the clock and had been warned. I guess I just find it ironic that Munoz was really the slow player (as she clearly stated in the post round interview) that resulted in the warning from the official. No doubt Morgan was not the same player from that point on.   The ruling affected not only the match at hand, but the ultimate outcome of the tournament.

Two things stick out regaring the hole in question. The wind picked up (as noted by the Golf Channel reporter following the pair) which resulted in Pressel changing clubs with the clock running on her.    Then, the pitch she had to the green was virtually a blind shot.   Pressel went back up the bank to pick a spot along the horizon of the green to direct her shot at with the clock running.   I don't know guys, but I've got a bad feeling about this and the way the penalty was handed down.    Sure, the rules of golf are the rules of golf. Pressel knew the clock was running, but doesn't this seem rather heavy handed given what happened?    I find myself thinking back to the George Brett pine tar bat incident and how cheap and petty that looked.  

What do you guys think? The LPGA sure could use some good publicity, but I don't think this is it.   30 seconds to totally change the outcome of a golf tourament by an official?