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Purple Paint Bombs thrown onto the 18th Green at the Open

23 July 2006 - 11:12 AM

Well. . . at least there's finally some color on the course. Doug

I was bitten by the golf bug again (or how I learned to stop worrying and love golf)

20 July 2006 - 11:12 PM

I have been a "backsliding" golfer of late.  I spent much of the fall and spring disgusted with golf.  I saw so much destruction after Hurricane Katrina.  I had a good friend lose a family member and several neighbors in his golf course community during the storm.  The place (and everything around it for miles) was destroyed during the storm.  The friday after, with debris and despair all around a few people showed up and tried to play.  To be honest it pissed me off.  I thought, there is so much to be done, I'm working my  off and all these yahoos can think of is playing golf.  Simple minded maybe, but it really turned me off of the game.  I felt guilty even thinking about playing. I played my second round since last August today in a scramble for work.  We were at the Raven in Destin, FL.  On the first tee they had a photographer.  She took pictures of our team and then one of me during my backswing and follow through.  She showed up again  on the 17th hole to give us an opportunity to buy a framed copy of all three photos.  I left my first tee shot long but way right of the target line.  Looking at the picture, I could clearly see that I hadn't transfered my weight on the back swing.  I stepped up to the tee (which was the long drive hole) and with that thought in mind, I busted a LONG straight ball 315 yards into the wind.  It held up as the long drive for the day.  I won two crisp c-notes for my effort.  I feel like I should track down the girl (a real looker) and give her a little tip.  After that, with that thought in mind I couldn't miss. I hit a 3 iron to the green and my partner made the putt. Funny thing about this game. . . the least little thing can spark a fire.  I realized how much I missed the feeling of playing great consistent golf.  The personal challenge that it sturs up in me.  Maybe I just needed a break to remind me of this.  I wouldn't trade my experiences in the relief effort in Mississippi and New Orleans, but I can't help but feel I wasted the better part of 2006 in a self imposed pity party when I could have been enjoying time on the course with my father and my friends. I'm still upset with the idiots who bitched because the course was closed that day after Katrina, but I shouldn't have blamed the game.  I guess the moral of the story is, don't lose track of what needs to be done in the world, but always take time every once in a while to enjoy a great escape. Doug

Interesting elevator ride this morning

11 May 2006 - 07:40 PM

Rode down to the lobby with Peter Jacobsen and his gorgeous daughter this morning.  I'm at a medical conference at the Sandestin Hilton, he is staying somewhere on the same floor as me.  Had a nice, brief conversation, handshake, autograph and wish good luck in the Boeing Tourny. The schedule is the same tomorrow, who knows, I might get lucky again.  Always liked that guy.  Funny thing, I was staying here at the Hilton a couple years ago watching as he won the US Senior Open. Doug

Phil Mickelson

28 April 2006 - 09:52 AM

I have never been a big fan of Phil, but I got this story from a friend in New Orleans. . .


I started playing golf about a year ago.  I have become addicted and now play at least one day a week. Yesterday, I attended the Zurich Classic in New Orleans.  I don't get star struck and am not the type to try to interact with "celebrities" by talking to them or asking for autographs.  So, that's why this story is so funny. We went over to the driving range and watched Mickelson warm up.  His caddy went out on the range (he was the only one practicing at the time) and layed out towels about every 20 yards in  straight line from about 100 yards to 200 yards.  Phil then proceeded to hit about 30 balls to each towel.  I know that it's his job, but I couldn't believe the accuracy.  Not one ball landed less than 10 yards from any towel.  I was impressed. So, we were waiting for another friend and the range was the designated meeting place.  I went to the top of a little hill so I could be easily seen.  About this time, Phil finishes up his practice and with his caddy starts his walk back to the clubhouse.  As he's walking he looks right at me and walks over to me and says "Hey, how have you been, are you having a good time?"  Shakes my hand and everyone else that was with me and then ask the three of us to join him for lunch in the clubhouse.  We did and it was great.  He was a heck of a nice guy.   We also got a couple of Callaway towels and shirts and 10 sleeves of Callaway balls.  No, his wife was not there! The only problem with the whole situation was that one of my friends that was with us had to leave to go back and find the friend that we were waiting for!

Help me catch up boys

15 January 2006 - 06:59 PM

I am going to play my first round of golf this week since Hurricane Katrina.  At first I was too mortified to think of playing golf.  Then I was too busy working in different relief efforts to think much about golf, and lastly I was too busy with my real job to play. What has been going on since the storm?  What are the latest and greatest discussions about the tour that I missed, who did what to whom and why?  What is up with equipment and the ball?  I'm sure Taylormade has introduced and discontinued at least 4 models since I last looked. Basically I'm just looking for a primer without having to spend a few hours sorting through old pages here. Thanks in advance. Doug